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Our Services

Custom Computer Update and Repair in New Hope

We offer computer repairs, updates + diagnostics for your home PC + Mac, and other devices including:  

  • Desktops  

  • Laptops

  • Tablets (ipad, android, etc.)

  • Chrome devices

  • Computer update

  • Data recovery + back-up 

  • virus removal + security

Managed IT Services

We specialize in technology consulting services for small businesses and educational institutions including E-Rate navigation. Let us streamline your IT needs by offering our tech services, and support to your team and business including continual maintenance on your devices, servers, network and cloud along with security services to protect you from viruses and malware. Need your small business set-up with an efficient and easy to use system? We can handle that too at an affordable rate at any Rivertown location.

Remote IT Services

With the utilization of remote access solutions, our team can support and troubleshoot almost any tech issue that arises for small businesses. With access to your network we can address many IT issues without the need to actually be physically present on site.

These include:

  • Access to a specific desktop, laptop, server​ and cloud

  • Management of files on the computer or server​

  • Update software​

  • Run diagnostic and maintenance programs

Give Generation Tech a call to see how our team can streamline your operations

and save


We upgrade, update,  trade and sell vintage audio components including:

  • Turntables

  • Tube Amps

  • Speakers

  • Preamps

  • Vintage Tube Audio


Ask Adrian! If we can't fix it, it cannot be fixed.

Web Design

When the design and the content work hand-in-hand, something magical happens. But a high-performing website does much more.

  • It is fast, easy to update, and integrates with existing systems

  • Ranks in search engines to increase traffic

  • Brand aligned visuals and up-to-date messaging

  • Easy for visitors to use and compels them to take action

  • Accessible to all users and works on any device, any size screen

  • Results are easily measured and improved

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